EDINBURGH HA Next Showcase

Our Professional Football Showcase is held in Edinburgh, Scotland and gives players an opportunity to showcase their ability against Professional Clubs in front of Professional Scouts and Agents. Players receive intensive coaching from Professional Coaches and Players.


Full training kit

This showcase will be an exclusive addition to help improve your football CV, forming a solid foundation for scouts to appreciate the skills and knowledge you have gained.

Football CV

This showcase will be an exclusive addition to help improve your football CV, forming a solid foundation for scouts to appreciate the skills and knowledge you have gained.

Performance Analysis

The science of sport provides the answers to improving your skills, stability and understanding of the game. Our coaches use notational coding methods including time-motion, tactical and technical analysis during match-play and training activities to provide feedback with a view to help improve your game.

10 Day Intense Course

Our showcase will consist of 10 days of intense training focusing not only on improving your practical skills, but your technical knowledge of what it takes to make it into mainstream professional football at the highest level. Each day there will be creative training regimes to stimulate and enhance your profile as the course progresses.

10 nights’ Accommodation

Our accommodation facilities include easy access, launderette, onsite gym and restaurants. There is main bus link with local access to the city centre.

Access to Sports Scientist

Our sport and exercise scientists consider the theoretical knowledge and practical application of scientific principles relating to physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, biomechanics and psychology, to maximise sports performance and improve general health and wellbeing through exercise.

Special Guest appearances

We have an extensive network internationally at 2nd chance football academy and have invited professional coaches and players from all over the world to attend the showcase. There is a fast-growing trend of coaches and players attending showcases such as ours to cherry pick the finest young talent that are undergoing the highest level of training.

Access to Physio’s Therapist

Our Physio Therapist’s are well versed with the high-level performance and demand placed upon the body, which can stress muscles, joints and bones and that’s why our experts are on hand to provide education and resources to prevent any problems and nurse any injuries.

Play games against Professional Clubs

We shall have fixtures with professional clubs, which will test the skills gained and weakness that individuals require to address. This match play will provide a priceless opportunity to be scouted by other clubs and open doors for keen players.

Access to Sports Nutritionist

Our Sport Nutritionist focus on educating players on how to maintain and enhance their diet, by advising on the type of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, supplements and organic substances that include carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as quantity of fluids and foods to be consumed throughout the course of the day.

Access to Performance Coach’s

Our Performance Coach’s focus on increasing the level of performance, on both psychological and physiological preparation of big events. Our focuses facilitate the development and action planning of individuals, in order to help improve players and polish their showcase skills.

Scouts attending from all over the UK and Overseas

There shall be player scouts and tactical scouts attending the showcase coming from all over the UK and overseas providing opportunities by evaluating the talent of footballers with a view to signing them on a professional contract for their employers.

Train under the guidance of Professional Coaches and experienced Players

We have a wealth of professional coaches and players whom have played professionally at the highest level of football and are well versed with the knowhow of expectations required to be met to become successful professional football player. Our coaches and players thrive on passing down the experiences and knowledge they harbour throughout their time in the game from technical to practical skills. There will be only the final ingredient of your dedication to make your dreams reality.

Play games in front of Professional Scouts and Agents

There will be opportunity to present your skills and knowledge of the game in front of Professional Agents as well as scouts, whom are on the treasure hunt for the next big name in the game. Our showcase will equip you with the relevant attributes to shine and begin your journey to success.


Our dedicated coaches thrive to educate and enhance players ability by putting them through intense routines, identifying and providing solutions to weaknesses. As the showcase progresses vital feedback will help develop players technically as well as practically with a view of achieving the bench mark required to make it to the highest level professional. At 2nd chance football academy all coaches are PVG accredited to ensure the utmost integrity and give parents and guardians peace of mind.

About Match

Match-play is a key identifier of how players are developing and throughout the course and allows coaches with the vital performance analysis, which will form the bases of giving critical feedback in the light of improving your game. There will be various matches played including fixtures against professional teams to help players comprehend the level of expectation and equip them with the knowledge and experience of playing in high pressure environment.

Match Gallery

Highlights of fixtures and training routines are never a distant memory as our expert photographers are on hand to capture the most blissful and important moments.


Price per player including accommodation is £1500.00

For more information, contact Sean Singh sean@rauds.co.uk or +447830 646 326

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